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Rainbow's Edge Full Spectrum Healing



Susanne Staal is a master healer of Full Spectrum Healing as of 2020, graduating from Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine.  Susanne holds certification as a Yoga Instructor as well as a certified Reiki Practitioner since 1999.  She is an inspired, intuitive, gifted and compassionate healer connecting people to their highest authentic self, aiding them in physical and emotional wellbeing.

What is full spectrum healing?

Glad you asked! Full Spectrum Healing is energy medicine. Energy medicine is fast becoming a very sought after modality. It pairs extremely well with conventional medicine as well as talk therapy. This modality connects us to our own inner wisdom and the natural desire to be of optimal health. A gentle hands-on approach is used to connect you to your own divine source of energy. The session may include different healings that work with the areas of concern. As we connect to our inner selves we deepen all our relationships honoring all that we've experienced from childhood to present time. Peeling back layers of personal vows that have blocked our true nature of optimal health and feeling of well-being. It is said Energy Medicine is the closest thing touching your soul.

I works with the 12 energy centers of the body known as Chakras. We all have seven main chakras and five spiritual centers. I am trained to assess your individual needs through sensing where there may be blocks of energy not flowing through the chakra of concern. Full Spectrum Healing is a combination therapy using intuitive guidance and sound healing as well as personal exploration to discover where and why we are experiencing dysfunction in the body. This can manifest in physical pain, chronic illness, depression and anxiety. I believe many conditions can be controlled or completely healed through this work. I am a passionate practitioner of Full Spectrum Healing and provide clients with a unique and very effective treatment that brings a deeply relaxing sensation to the body. The healings are energetic with immediate results. Once the body has returned back to balance this stimulates the immune response to facilitate healing. The results may hold for several days to weeks to finally heal the dysfunction in the areas of concern. My goal is to provide knowledge and tools for my clients to heal through the body's natural ability to heal itself. 

It is my honor to work with you on your journey back to wellness.


Susanne Staal









First session 1 1/2 hr.              $120

Follow up session  1 hr.          $95


*special buy 4 sessions receive your 5th complimentary

Susanne customizes each session to address her clients individual needs.  An assesment is done to determine what is most beneficial for the client's wellness goals.



Chakra Balance:  Transforms the client into a state of relaxation and restores energy.


  • Aligns the full energetic system into balance

  • Clears and reconnects the energy flow into the chakras

Stress Relief:  Chronic unresolved stress is often the major cause of health related issues. Stress activates the body's fight, flight, or freeze response driven by the adrenal system.


  • supports the endocrine system by resetting the adrenal glands back to a neutral state of homeostatis

Emotional Balance:  Draws blocked emotions into balance.


  • Awakens your feeling center

  • Heals suppressed emotions from your past

  • Helps embrace intimacy and openess in relationships

  • Helps set healthy boundaries


Heart Spiral:  Aids in releasing the past and embracing the present moment.  Leaves you feeling balanced and ready to move forward in your life.


  • helps identify unresolved and unexpressed grief and heartbreak

  • helps recognize unforgiveness

  • makes one aware of co-dependency and other unhealthy relationship issues

  • helps face feelilngs of distrust and betrayal










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