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Salon Sorella since  2008

About Salon Sorella


         Salon Sorella, established in May 2008, is a full service salon that caters to each client’s unique style and personality. It is our mission to not only have our clients feel special and comfortable in our salon, but to create an integrated team of talented individuals who love what they do and are striving to always do their best. It is our desire to provide the best service at all times to each and every one of our clients giving them the utmost attention with an exceptional level of service. We have built our business on these principles and have continued to grow year after year. We recognize the success of Salon Sorella is a tribute to all of our valued clients as well as the individual talents we bring to our jobs.When you come into Salon Sorella we want you to be able to escape into a world of complete comfort and relaxation. We offer a full array of services that will ease the stress from your everyday life and allow you the comfort, well-being and relaxation you deserve.

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